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We are Island I.T.

Local Support. Island I.T. pride ourselves on offering big city, multi-certified expert computer and tech support locally. We love to get around and regulary visit clients in Wauchope, Kempsey, Taree, Wingham, Forster, Old Bar, Comboyne, Pappinbarra, Beechwood, Byabarra and Ellenborough to name a few. Our customers don't need to wait to come to Port Macquarie as we're regularly in your area and can come directly to you. Just call or email anytime.

Expert Support. Island I.T. has been at the forefront of Information Technology support for over 25 years. We offer expert private computer and technology support and training onsite at your home or office. In 2019 we became a Solarwinds Certified Managed Service Provider - or 'MSP', to further extend our expert technical support services to our business and private customers up and down the country. Read More

Education. Island I.T. are NSW Government Schools approved and certified Zuludesk and jamF School partners. We offer highly skilled, end-to-end solutions for managing iOS and Apple devices in NSW Government Schools - whether you're a tiny regional school or a much larger organisation, Island I.T. can quickly, effectively and efficiently get you up and running - usually within a day with a free trial. Read More

Web Sites. Since the very beginnings of the Internet, Island I.T. has been building websites ; and because of this vast experience, we are able to build sites from raw code - not just using today's modern website building tools. Why does this matter? Our sites are faster, more efficient and can rank far better on search engines plus generally cost less. Of course, we also use all modern design tools such as WordPress, Dreamweaver and others. We also integrate and support cloud based POS systems such as Square, Vend, Kounta, Shopify, Retail Express and more and can help you get the most out of your retail POS system by linking it to a website for real-time stock and sales.Read More

Video Production. We're professionally trained video experts. Using Final Cut Pro, we can create anything for you. Event videos, Aerial Imagery, Surveys, Mapping and all manner of corporate, home or personal production. We can take all of your old photographs, clean them up and create beautiful presentations that will last a lifetime. Also, uniquely, as CASA Certified Commercial Pilots and RPA [ Drone ] Pilots, we are able to go far beyond the offerings of other companies in what we are able to offer. Read More

What We Do

Expert computer and technology support plus training for
Schools, Business and Individuals.

MSP - Managed Services

As a Solarwinds Managed Services Provider, we have access to the most powerful remote support platform available worldwide today. Technology and internet speed has advanced to the point where business now has the option to leverage real-time world-class security and support into their infrastructure using Managed Services to either compliment existing staff or comprehensively manage their entire network and devices remotely. We focus on maintaining uptime, not responding to downtime. We don't use 'SLA' times to delay responses to you - that's refreshing. We offer two, easy to understand support modular contracts, billed per device, keeping your costs relative to your support requirements and with 100% scaleability.Read More

Expert Onsite Support

Whether you have a Mac or a PC, we offer private, one-to-one onsite visits to solve any issue efficiently and effectively. We'll advise on issues we identify and those that may present in the future. It doesn't matter what it is, one call to us and you'll be happy you did. We can upgrade your PC or Mac with ultra-fast hard drives to give that machine more life rather that buying a new one. Data recovery, virus removal and protection, remote assistance. It's all here. We also have subscription support offerings that allow us to proactively maintain your computer remotely virtually eliminating issues and the need for onsite visits in future. Read More

Web Design

We've been building websites since the beginniings of the internet. This benefits you greatly as we undersstand 'code' and how search engines see that code on your website, which in turn, drives visitors. We have access to all web design tools but also add in our experionece to remove unecessary code and make your webiste rank better in a world where almost every search result now lists an entire page of sponsored Ads.

Call us anytime to discuss your requirements. We can start from scratch or pick up where someone else left off.Read More

Zuludesk and jamF School

Comprehensive Zuludesk and jamF School Mobile Device Management (MDM) and support. As an Authorised and Certified Zuludesk / jamF partner, we can set a trial up within a day. MDM allows schools to centrally manage all of their iOS devices from a single central dashboard.

We set it all up, train you and can also support you with simple to understand support contracts that are tailored to your school's needs, and billed per device, meaning you only ever pay for what you're using. Our support can either completely manage your fleet no matter what the size, or we offer a unique 'assisted support' option that both trains you and supports your deployment. Read More


We offer private training in many areas of interest - whether that be a basic introduction to your Mac or PC and how to use the 'Cloud' to keep your things safe and secure at home, or training on popular programs such as Office 365. Perhaps you need more advanced training in Creative Suite or Final Cut X. With immense experience in all mainstream software, we can help you become more productive thatn ever before, or show you how much fun osme applications can be if you just get to know them a little better.

Call us anytime to discuss your requirements. We can tailor training exactly to your needs - both time and budget. Read More

Aerial Imagery

Uniquely, we're both licensed RPA [ Remotely Piloted Aircraft ] operators, and Commercial Pilots [ CPL ]. We run private RPA lessons to teach you how to both fly and handle RPA's or 'drones' and radio control aircraft for the purposes of aerial or film imagery - and fun!

As Commercial Pilots also, Island I.T. are able to use real aircraft either for your pleasure or for filming and inspection or survey from the air.

Our RPA operations will fit most of your photography or survey requirements, but if you need a commercial flight, we're always available in most weather conditions out of Port Macquarie and other airfields on request. We have access to most aeroplane types including Float Planes, Single and Twin Turbines, Single and Twin Piston and various ultralights. Read More

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